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We are the professional ball bearings manufacturer in China. We can produce ball bearings to your requirements. if you want get more types of ball bearings please contact us!


DesignationDropping Tem.¡æPenetration at 25 ¡æWorking Tem.¡æRemarks
ShellAlvania R2185265-295-35-120General purpose
Alvania R3185220-250-35-135
Alvania RA180250-275-25-100
Alvania EP1180310-340-25-110
Alvania EP2185265-295-25-110
Darina 2250265-295-25-150high Tem.Service
Darina EP2250265-295-25-150
dolium R2250265-295-35-150Corrosion resistnat
EssoAndok C260190-210-30-120General purpose
Andok 260190204-260-40-120
Beacon 325190255-280-54-120low Tem.Service
ChevronSRI-2240255-280-30-120water resistnat
MobilMobilux 2190265-290-10-110wide range Tem.Service
Mobil 22192250-274-40-120
Mobil 28260265-295-55-175
Mobil 48260240-270-60-170high Tem.Service
KluberIsoflex LDS18190255-280-50-110low Tem.Service
Isoflex NBU15250255-280-30-120General purpose
Kyodo YushiMultemp SRL185225-245-40-145low torque service
Multemp PS2190250-275-50-110low Tem.Service
Multemp SC-A260255-2800-160high Tem.Service
Multemp Et150260255-280-10-160
China HanguHangu 2198265-295-10-130low noise Service


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